…We’ll Leave the light on for ya.

Lets see…

The process of completing this project has been nothing short of challenging yet exhilarating. Since June of 2013, I have endeavored to build better and more defined skills and competencies in order to meet the demands of the market of digital professional writing community. My main objective was to achieve the level and scope of writing for different professional settings in order to bolster the quality of the services being offered and promote the mission of Shards of Glass CDR as a new brand that has endless potential to serve the individuals and small businesses throughout the community.

Naturally that was easier said than done. As a matter of fact, I could not have found more truth to the previously mentioned statement than at the point of completing the final project. That said, with all of the new writing tools that were included in the curriculum made a direct impact on my ability to produce high caliber master level professional writing pieces across the different genres of Public Relations (from event planning to branding).

Needless to ssay, there was much to be learned during this process that did not escape me for future references. It was not to say that I didn’t know myself well before this experience; it was to say that I gained insight about myself as a person, a student, and a professional that will have a substantial impact on future life and professional writing decisions.

In the interests of time, we shall evaluate a few areas which I took one or more lessons from as I continue the project to completion.

I gained insight about the manner in which I perform task. I observed the way in which I management my time in completing tasks to meet small goals in order to meet the main objective of producing master level caliber professional writing content in a portfolio format. Lastly I gained insight on my proficiency levels for creating and operating digital media.

It was not long after class had started that I was stuck in neutral on this project because serious linking problems. I would open the laptop and feel the anxiety physically affect my body because of my inability to locate the source of the problem I was having with embedding the links into my site pages.

What I learned the much of the difficulty I was having is that I wanted to do 30 things at one time and not tackle one and deal with that one until it was resolved before moving on to the next step. I honestly don’t think my vision of the process was as defined and my vision of the end product (which I had derived from the examples provided to us in the first module).
Looking back, if I had not spent an insane amount of time stuck on linking and embedding, I would have been able to successfully complete the content and graphics for the site, not to mention the final editing for the content itself.

To ensure that I don’t repeat this self defeating approach to completing a project this size and scope again in the future, I have resolved to create a flow chart. It is the thing which I ma positive will save my life professionally and literally.

Who’d a thunk that those things they taught in business school and professional training really do work!

And the Saga continues…Counting down to victory

As the days turn into nights and weeks collect,the race to the end of life in the professional writing program continues. The week as I continue my endeavor to complete this project to the desired professional caliber, there are insights that were gained to help me pick up steam in the project. However, in true Jennifer fashion, the brick wall usually makes way to slap me in the face and this week it came in the form of hyperlinking these stupid links.

There are headaches that won’t go away and nights that won’t lend themselves to adequate sleep. March 1st is quickly approaching and my anxiety levels are so high that it has become a physical reality to to feel pressure as well as a mental one. In the past, when I have been behind for a number of reasons that life has catapulted my way, I don’t recall feeling the level of apprehension as I have this time around.

Knowing that this should be a much more pleasurable experience than it actually frustrates me even more.Yet and still-I persevere to the end.

Though there is no shortage of anguish to saturate my mood, the theme of this project is to trudge through and to develop as to be able to accommodate the trudging and development of others.

While collecting content for my portfolio, I was presently surprised to be able to locate my academic works from the beginning of the program (some of which I never thought I’d find again). From the designing to embedding to hyperliking and categorizing the quirky characteristics of my site, life will be sweet again when this endeavored has been accomplished.

As I channel my inner “Army recruit” from the days of old (17 years old to be exact, and scared beyond words) I am resolved to the hard truth that Pain is only weakness leaving the body.” That said, my sheer will to make the pain go away is what keeps me alive and plugging away at the plugins and widgets.

I see this as a challenge and recognize that I have what it takes to compete or overcome it.



LEARNING CURVE Yeesh! Should I be BEYOND this by now?!

Let’s see it is week 4 I here I sit struggling to pull it all together. I know at this point I speak more confidently about such matters but the truth is, getting my parts on this site to work together in sync with me and my content has been one long nightmare. Where am I going wrong? How do I link the content of my portfolio to the site and embed. Ok I know I know this and am pretty sure I will feel foolish the moment I realize I knew this all along and that the stress and anxiety of the “not knowing” has temporarily clouded my thinking.

I know that this this too shall pass and that I will finally get it and the page will be complete with the bells and whistles of high caliber professional and academic content for the public to peruse…thing is…NOW is NOT that time. I am however enthralled with the prospect of the successful outcome of our Black History program and the fun is it to be able to create the school’s first media kit which will be distributed to the city’s radio stations and the school’s district office to the Public Relations director (my secret idle).

I have the enthusiasm of a small child as I work to make the line-up of the program reach the audience and the media content reach out to the end-user (the community) and compel them to come in receive the message we created our of raw passion and the pain of obligation.

The time being spent with the team while coordinating the show has inspired growth and enlightenment beyond the room that is allowed here to describe. The arguments and debates have caused us to gain a level of patience and tolerance for each other that we were certain had not before existed.

What is most inspiring is to witness what is bore in the name of open minds and forward thinking. This site in currently under construction and the way direction to build is UP and OUT!


Week 3: Sailing

On this day, I stand in a different place from where I stood seven days ago. This is the me I like to work with. I am confident and deliberate in my task to breathe life into this project. I am in forward motion. Those are words I wish to feel as I forge ahead.

Because life often revolves around my job; luck would have it that my team has been preoccupied with the task of planning the Black History program, or as I would like to call it, the African American Heritage program. First come the project, then come the writing. Realizing to what degree this would add to my repertoire as a professional writer, I figured it would be an easy way to kill two birds with the one proverbial stone. The most appropiate thing to do in this situation with a project of this scope, is to create a MEDIA KIT.

Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Don’t know. I would have been so much farther along with the project by now, but I digress. The point of this rambling was to say that I can finally admit that the puzzle pieces are starting to come together know. I know that the media kit will play a major role in marketing products and services for Shards of Glass but there is still a ways to go to call it “smooth sailing.”

Oddly, the tug of war this week, has been centered around my the technical functionality of the site as the home for my portfolios than anything else. I don’t understand. I have created and designed and WordPress blog before but I can’t seem to get a grip on the placement for my professional and marketing works. With my luck, I am sure all other drafts submitted are aesthetically perfect and mine being barely readable it seems (story of my life)>

In the interest of time and in the spirit of progress and forward motion, my goal is to conquer this graphic stronghold and bring it together as it should be. I know I can but I will be elated to see it come together visually bu the week’s end.

In the meantime, you can find me scurrying around like a squirrel raising funds and coordinating the line for the show as the deadline of February 26th is slowly approaching.

What I wouldn’t give to see the show wow the audience my portfolios make an impact on the writing community of my peers, professors and future clients alike.

What I wouldn’t give to be at the finish line right now. What I will do is continue to sail until the journey’s destination has been reached. Smooth Sailing for me it is.


Week 2: Slow Motion

I don’t profess to be the most profound writer or the most eloquent speaker in the world. What I know is that words sustain me and not the other way around. Making progress, along this path to completion, is not as I would have imagined in the beginning. I would often remark to myself towards the end of the last session, “Just finish this strong and the last class is going to be cake. I mean, how hard could it be to put together a portfolio, right?” WRONG!

At the risk of sounding like a whiny-broken record, one can never imagine the excrutiation(made this up on the fly) of being a first year teacher who teaches two curricula and has professional obligations that require an unnatural portion of the time you spend awake, rested and functional. That said, lets go for broke! “Being a teacher has proven to be the HARDEST job I have EVER done. EVER! I spend my days architecting ( another word I made up) lesson plans to deliver instruction( with the precision of a sniper) to over a hundred rambunctious inner-city 7th graders who are not proficient at reading or writing. I teach one Pre-Advanced Placement English course and 8 Literacy Intervention classes.

I am exhausted. I want to retreat to the darkest area of my home upon the day’s end, and never come out. But the passion to develop the youth and prepare them to take care of our future drives me out of that hole every time.

The need to hear myself think and create something that is NOT curriculum driven is what carries me through this program. The writer in me says find a way to connect the to in order to bring your two true loves together and then the paradigm will come. Needless to say, it is week 2 and I am yet searching for “the way.”

Previous milestones and victories in my writing endeavors leave me no doubt that in due time, that way will come. Until then, I find that gathering the goods(tools necessary for creating the e-portfolio) will best serve me as I struggle a bit with pacing. As I experience that which Shards of Glass seeks to foster in individuals and groups alike (development), I will bear in mind that: In order to know that we can influence true growth and development, we must first employ such the craft to achieve measurable growth.




As a student of writing, it has been a daunting task to study, practice, apply and master the skills of writing in different formats for different aspects of the professional arena. As great as the challenge to compose remains. the exhilaration that accompanies the reality of the finished product is hard to beat.

Learning about the aspects of writing came with a new twist for every class that being offered. The class that presented the greatest challenge as well as added probably the greatest degree of value to the program, was Editing in the Professions. I enjoyed the rigor that came along with learning and refreshing knowledge on the skill of copy editing and proofreading. As a writer, this is a skill that is a critical component of any professional writer’s arsenal.

The act of creating thoughts and editing them into patterns and then carving entire concepts out of the mounds of words, paragraphs, and pages of thoughts in order to create an angle for which you are rhetorically sending your message to the end user and convincing them to stay and hear you out. These are some of the drivers of my writing modern day writer. What is the goal? How can I articulate it to my readers? How can I convince my readers to stay, read, comeback, and patronize the business of writing professional specialties?

As this blog breathes in the forward motion, may these questions foster new creations of ideas that will support the development of my e-portfolio. May I never cease to wonder.


Entry One S.O.G: From Conception to Birth to Establishment.


Shards of Glass has been established for a little more than a year now (1 year and 6 days to be exact). Within the year so much has conspired that has caused life to be breathed into the organization; and what more fitting than to acknowledge those fortunes on the day of thanks.

About 4 years ago I was lying in bed awake at 4(ish) suffering from a bad case of insomnia. Though I was unable to sleep, my brain was active and stewing with fresh and new ideas. It was dark, all was calm (especially because my then 2 year old was asleep). I began to erupt with these thoughts and could no longer resist the urge to record the flood of information on paper.

I did not wish to wake the boy so I grabbed the nearest composition book and commenced to write down my resolve in pitch darkness. Not sure if I were composing identifiable phrases, I continued to write almost 2 pages of notes about this revelation I had made about my life’s work; my life’s purpose.


That moment was akin to a singularity for me. In this moment Shards of Glass was conceived. 

Though that night my experience was of epic proportions, the journal was ultimately shelf-ed by early the next day. Life went on happening and that night had long since been forgotten until about 2 years later around the same time of the year, I had a similar experience where my thoughts were even more cohesive and aggressive while I composed on a piece of paper in complete darkness (apparently this is my thing), this time in effort to write (what I now call) an abstract and of the mission statement, purpose, and some of the objectives of the organization.

The next day, I hopelessly searched for the notes I had written years earlier that had included the name of the organization on it. I never located the notes but within months and with the help of hints and intuition, I was able to recollect the name from memory.  Shards of Glass was actually established and incorporated the next day; November 21, 2013.


Come with me as we journey into the future of prospects and possibilities. Shards of Glass signing off.